"To kiss her would be more intimate than most of the sex he’s had in his life."
- true facts about Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak (via ash818)

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"Real or not real?"
- Peeta Mellark and the Olicity fandom (via benchpressabear)

"you really sold it…"

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This is so important 


This is so important 

Why I am not having a meltdown, a summary.


Because he fucking meant it.

1. Oliver knows how Felicity feels about him, he would not purposefully play with her feelings in that way, even to defeat Slade.

2. He never denied it at the end, on the beach. He just smiled as she babbled.

3. Oliver Queen is a terrible liar. Do we not remember the lattes and sports bottles? 

No matter what anyone tries to tell me, this was said and it happened. End of story. 

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Felicity kidnapped by The Count: “He had you and he was going to hurt you. There was no choice to make.”

L being kidnapped by Slade’s masked man: “The city comes first.”

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I haven’t even seen the finale yet and I’m raising my hand. 

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Oliver’s comeback


Oliver’s comeback